Wait List Winter Session 2020

415 Flats currently has every apartment occupied with no vacancies. If you are interested in putting your name on a wait list for Winter 2020 for 415 flats move in date early January 2020 scroll down to complete the online form below.

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Tenants must put their information onto each of the wait lists they are interested for a possible move-in date:
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If you find housing somewhere else, please call and get off the wait list so you will not be contacted

Winter Wait List (early January move-in date)

Management fills the leases that start in January utilizing the wait list to place tenants in the order of application.

All of our leases are 12 months and go from January - December. However, we have openings throughout the year (usually at semester breaks) when tenants need to break their lease early. 415 Flats keeps a wait list to assist current tenants in finding someone to take over their lease. When a current tenant wants to transfer their lease, the top 5 people on the wait list will be contacted by email and asked to apply online within a designated time frame. Please be aware if you are contacted asking if you are interested in a 415 Flats lease you want to reply back as soon as possible!
Thank you for your interest in 415 Flats!