Leases & Utility Costs

LEASES:  Lease prices are $770/mo for most units, and we have 8 bigger units at $790/mo. $650 Security Deposit.  2020 January leases will go from January 2020 to August 2020. After that, leases will all be 12 month leases and will go from September to August. However, we have openings throughout the year (usually at semester breaks) when tenants need to break their lease early.  To get on wait lists for lease transfers, click here.


  • Leases prices include:

    • 1 parking stall

    • Water

    • Sewer

    • Garbage

    • Optix fiber internet

  • Leases DO NOT include:

    • Electric - (typically ranges from $22-65 per month -average $42)

    • Gas -(typically ranges from $6-27 per month - average $15)

    • Second car is $15 per month